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"With plenty of stories, personal insight, & support from artists within the LA underground music scene, it’s a small sign of Kofi stepping in the right direction."

- Irene , Rosecrans Ave

"Once the EP began playing, the crowd was immediately pleased as they were able to relate and feel as if they were in his shoes. The soothing sounds and melodies cure any doubt that anyone has for ForeverKofi by track 2 as if it were indeed some “Medicine.” "

- Khani Rice , Next Wave Up

"Highlighting his abilities as both a vocalist and songwriter, Love is an emotional exploration of different stages in a relationship, represented by the different records. With only 4-tracks, and a 10-minute runtime, probably the best part about the project is how the small sample size of time allows you to run this EP 3-4 times in a row without even noticing it finished, a key quality in the streaming era.” "

- AJ Howard , Rosecrans Ave

An enigmatic songwriter and artist born to a Ghanaian father brought traditional sounds and influences into his early life. Whereas his mother being from Paducah, Kentucky resulted in the sounds of Motown playing the soundtrack to his upbringing as well.


Whether R&B, Rap, Rock Soul, or somewhere in between, he has a true forte for lyrics that stick with you.

Since moving to LA 7 years ago, ForeverKofi has worked with Complex, MTV, BuzzFeed and more, and is focused on spreading his sound, movement, and brand as he is poised to have a breakout year. 

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